Your Heritage, Your Home

Connect with Your Cultural Heritage from Anywhere

The World Heritage Cultural Center is a place where everyone is welcome, and every culture is celebrated. We believe in a world where everyone feels a true sense of belonging and togetherness, and our communities and children are proud of their cultural diversity.

The World is Beautiful

Explore, Create, and Engage with Art and Music from Around the World

Watch colorful traditions come to life, meet people who speak your language, and pass stories on to your children. Experience the love, hardships, and courage of people from all over the world through culturally rich festivals and artistic performances.


Our People

Changing the Way People Think About Culture

We’re a passionate and proud group of people determined to help the beauty of all cultures shine through.


Our Stories

View photos and videos of our performers, and discover more ways to connect with your cultural heritage.

Through music and art we communicate the love, hardship and courageous stories about people and cultures from all over the world.


Donate and Help Us Become One

With your help, everyone can connect with their cultural heritage. We use your donations to build stronger and safer communities with love and respect for all cultures and backgrounds.



Celebrate What Makes You, You

Your cultural identity is an important part of who you are. By embracing your cultural traditions, you show pride for your heritage and diversity and teach others respect for cultures different from their own.

Help people understand your culture by sharing your story and beliefs through things we’re all connected to—family, beautiful art, inspiring music, and delicious homemade food.

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No one speaks the language of Cultures better than World Heritage Cultural Center, and nothing can capture the imagination more than telling great stories through the Arts.

The WHCC is raising money to open our first cultural center in Brewster, NY—why?

The time is right. Communities want culture, and cultural groups want a home to nurture and celebrate their heritage. The demand is there. There is a growing unmet need for real, in-person cultural connections in communities across the country.  The new WHCC facilities can provide that home.

February 16, 2018

At the WHCC, everyone is welcome to celebrate their culture and connect with others. Through the universal languages of art, music, and food, we’re bridging the gaps of diversity and creating a place where everyone feels like they belong.

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