Join Our Vision 2018 Campaign

The WHCC is raising money to build our first ever cultural center in Brewster, NY/Danbury, CT.

We have a detailed plan for $6.0 million site development and need your assistance.


The time is right. Communities want culture, and Cultural Groups want a home to nurture and celebrate their heritage. The demand is there. There is a growing unmet need for real, in-person cultural connections in communities across the country.  The new WHCC facilities can provide that home.

What will the new center do and how will it be used?

A Shared Faciity

Educate, Share, and Celebrate



Speaker Series

State of the Art Facilities

Why we chose Brewster, NY /Danbury, CT as our first location?

This location will be a pilot to model success for expanding into communities across the country.

  • In the heart of the tri-state (NY, NJ, CT)
  • Taps into Westchester/Putnam County NY and Fairfield County CT
  • Danbury has many diverse communities speaking over 50 languages
  • High visibility location right off a major highway (I-84)
  • Public transportation thru HART and PART
  • Proximity to NYC; 1.3 hr direct train from Grand Central Station (Metro North)
  • The town of Brewster has enthusiastically approved and endorsed the zoning for a 30,000 sq. ft. building

Development Plan 

Phase I, 2017-2018

Phase I will begin with the purchase of the property.  Construction will begin shortly after grading and initial landscaping of the property, followed by construction of the first floor and basement of the main building, totaling 10,000 square feet.  The construction in Phase I will include a finished indoor theater, classrooms and a small lecture hall, conference rooms, the World Library, plus an in-house café and cultural boutique. Finally, the outdoor amphitheater will be added, as well as a parking lot and outdoor lighting.

Phase II,  2019-2020

Phase II will include the second and third floor of the main building, totaling an additional 20,000 square feet. The construction in Phase II will include a music recording studio, television cooking set, green screen studio, a grand ballroom, lecture hall, additional classrooms and conference rooms, plus an expansion to the world library space.

How you can help

1.  Donate to the Vision 2018 campaign

Your financial support is greatly appreciated.

Consider participating at one of the exclusive levels and be recognized as a part of the initial foundation.

Visionary Council      $50,000*
Architect                     $25,000
Designer                     $10,000
Builder                        $  5,000
Framer                        $  1,000
Contributor                $     250

Please feel free to contact to discuss participation and sponsorship opportunities further.

2. Fundraise with your community

Are you part of a cultural performing group? Community group?  Help spread the word to your community and be recognized within the new facilities.

3.  Be a Cultural Ambassador!

Spread the word about the WHCC and share this campaign with your families, friends, and colleagues. Use the links below:

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